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Learning With Maya, Episode 10: How To Make That Sexy Fire

Happy July Everyone! The summer has just zoomed by! And I’ve left you all hanging, wondering like crazy, what is La Maya learning?!?!?! Well, as it’s summertime, for me, that means camping trips. Do you know how to build a fire? I’ve known in theory for years….. but in terms of practice, I had never had the opportunity to build a fire . So for this very special July episode, we’re gonna heat things up and I’m gonna tell you all about how I learned to build that sexy fire!

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Learning With Maya, Episode 8: How To Fail At DIY Bath Bombs

My mother and I love arts and crafts. If there’s a street fair or event in which there is an arts and crafts table for the kiddies, my mother and I will shove those little babies out of the way so we can get to crafting. So when my mom came back from Goodwill with a bath bomb making kit I was so excited. And bonus!! It’s a Jurassic Park bath Bomb kit, so the mold is for a little T-rex. And if you know me, you know I love dinosaurs.

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