Learning With Maya, Episode 2: How To Manifest Those Visions

January 31, 2019
By Maya Malan-Gonzalez

Maya Malan-Gonzalez by  Gabriela Ortega , part of the “BossBitch” Photoshoot Jan 2019

Maya Malan-Gonzalez by Gabriela Ortega, part of the “BossBitch” Photoshoot Jan 2019

January is one of those crazy months that always seems to fly by! Usually by the end of the month, I’ve already forgotten half of my New Year’s resolutions. And this year began like all other years, I somehow found myself half way through the month feeling like all my resolutions and goals for the year were already being shelved in the back of my mind, gathering dust, while I focus on the work that’s in front of me…

Seriously though, getting back into work after Christmas and New Years always seems like a giant catch up, catching up on work- catching up on bills, which is a bitch if you’re broke and barely made it through Christmas. The holidays can feel like a constant emptying of the wallet- then once january hits, it’s like blamo! Catchup and find the money to pay your bills! And February rent is speeding down the train tracks ready take you out.

So we jump back to work catching up and all those “new year, new me” things need to get the hell out of the way so you can get back to the daily grind of life.

Not this year!

This year one of my beautiful Teatro Luna West ensemble members, Christina Igaraividez (her signature made an appearance in my last blog!)  held a workshop at Studio Luna (in Boyle Heights, come visit us!) on Vision Board Making.

The promo for our first Vision Board Workshop

The promo for our first Vision Board Workshop

Christina totally transformed my opinion on vision boards. I’ll be honest, I’ve had a bunch of friends over the years make a vision board, and the idea of sitting around with a bunch of chicks and cutting out pictures from magazines to represent my dreams always seemed hella corny. But man, I was SO WRONG! Or maybe it is corny,,,?--- but the point is, I loved it! This is definitely something I would do again.

I. Love. My. Vision board.

Everytime I look at it, no lie, I smile knowing in my heart I’m one step closer to those dreams- And I know, some of you are rolling your eyes right now and thinking, “oh god, she’s so corny” and you know what, maybe it is corny- but what the hell is wrong with being a little corny???

My board in its early phase of development, note the wine in the top right corner…

My board in its early phase of development, note the wine in the top right corner…

But, stay with me on this, learning how to make a vision board was such an inspiration, it was more than just putting pictures on a cork board- for me, it was about learning how to Manifest my goals- and if that’s corny, pass the elote and grab some for yourself, because I’m going to walk you through this amazing Vision Board making workshop.

Christina sold me on the concept of a vision board right away. I didn’t really get it before, but when she explained how the board is a physical and visual way to put your goals and intentions out there, I started to get it. She went on talking about the “laws of attraction” and how a vision board places your vision front and center.

As Christina spoke, she reminded me of two things.

The first, when I was living in San Francisco, I was going through a really rough time emotionally, so I wrote inspirational quotes on a large mirror in my room (I know, I’m corny). Every day I would see those quotes, and they did something to empower me. They brought me joy. I no longer have quotes on my mirror, but maybe this vision board will bring back some of that joy?

The second thing I thought of was a class I took in college taught by Maria Hinojosa. When we introduced ourselves on the first day, she had us share with the class a dream of ours. She explained the importance is saying your dreams out loud. You give power to an idea when you name it, and if it’s your dream you should water it, rather than hide it because you’re embarrassed. The plant metaphor is all me, I can’t remember exactly what she said.

So when Christina talked about the vision board being a manifestation of your goals and a daily reminder of what you’re driving towards- I was all in!

There’s So Much Room For Creativity:

There are piles and piles of magazines around the room- we had wooden letters and numbers, double sided tape, glue sticks work great too, push pins, mini little wooden clothespins, string, scissors and cork boards of course!

This is when I learned about two-sided fancy tape. No, it isn’t whiteout like I insisted it was.

This is when I learned about two-sided fancy tape. No, it isn’t whiteout like I insisted it was.

Looking at the piles of magazines, it can feel a little daunting- the idea of searching through tons of magazines for pictures of… what?

The How:

Start by thinking about what you want to manifest. Christina broke it down by talking about how you could start by defining four categories like love, health, finances, travel, or whatever works for you. Then you could lay them out on your board as like four square. I didn’t do the whole four squares thing… or category thing, but I think I will next time (I just wasn’t at that level of organization). Being my first time, I was slightly everywhere. I started by writing down my goals and what I need to achieve them in the next year. I wrote “website, instagram, twitter, plants, travel, money” and then I saw a National Geographic with a horse on the cover. On my last birthday I said before my next birthday (which is April 28) I was going to finally go horseback riding and cross it off my bucket list. April is like THREE MONTHS AWAY! So I started tearing out the picture, ‘cause I’m manifesting this horse in my life! And then I ditched writing things out and I just started flipping through magazines.

Reality Check:

Now this is what made the whole experience so amazing- The thing I scoffed at, sitting around with a bunch of women cutting pictures out of magazines, was actually so much fun. We were on the lookout for images for each other- a group of Latinas ranging in ages and backgrounds, passing magazines back and forth, drinking wine, sharing what we’re putting on our boards, saying our dreams out loud, inspiring and reminding each other of things to add.

My beautiful friends manifesting their visions together.

My beautiful friends manifesting their visions together.

I look for words and images and as Christina said, the more specific the better! There’s a certain point in the workshop where I start to feel like the magazines are shining down hints it’s going to be a good year- between the National Geographics and the Financial magazines, I’m finding the word “money” over and over again and “travel” and “adventure”- Oh! And the pictures of puppies all found by my friends- The vision board says i’m getting a puppito!

My strategy was pretty chaotic, I just went through magazines gathering all the images that brought me joy, images that inspired what I wanted- like a pile of books, with the word “focus” to remind myself I want to be reading more; A picture of a puppy saying, “today is going to be pawsome” to offer positivity to help me get through the rough days;   A picture of a laptop, with images of instagram, twitter, the word “marketing” to signify my wanting to make a website this year and figure out this crazy world of social media. #imamillenialwhofailsattechnology

After a few hours, the workshop came to an end and I don’t think any of us were really ready to end! We went around and some of us shared what we put on our board and why. It’s such a beautiful thing, to be in a room surrounded by women all of us dreaming and manifesting our goals and supporting each other. There was so much positive energy in the space, positivity is key.  Christina mentioned at the top of the workshop thinking in positives rather than negatives, for instance rather than saying, “I don’t want to get sick”- consider thinking in terms of, “I’m going to be so healthy”. It’s important when you’re gestating a goal to give it positivity and light.

The Aftermath:

I came to a stopping point at the end of the workshop, but I was in no way done!

I grabbed a stack of magazines to take home and continue the work- I got a lot of things I’m planning on achieving this year!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Me and my pile of magazines….

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Me and my pile of magazines….

After a little more cutting and pasting, I found myself at a place I felt content with- actually really happy.

Like I said earlier, I love my vision board.

Looking at it makes me smile and feel like I really am driving towards these things.

My Vision Board resting on it new home, my nightstand

My Vision Board resting on it new home, my nightstand

Finally, following Christina’s advice:

When finished, the vision board doesn’t go in the back of your closet, it should be placed somewhere you will see it daily, so it truly is a daily reminder of your goals

I hope you all feel inspired to make a Vision Board! It’s never too late!

…… Catch you later for my next adventure!

Some of the ther workshop attendees beautiful Vision Boards

Some of the ther workshop attendees beautiful Vision Boards