Teatro Luna West

Los Angeles, California

 We Collaboratively Create Social Justice Theatre, New Media, + Cultural Disruptions that Change the World.

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A New Regional Ensemble

Teatro Luna West

This Westcoast outpost started in 2014 as a radical experiment and new model in the American Theatre; an attempt to answer the needs we heard in cities all around the USA for liberated, intentional, brave spaces dedicated to artistic and physical exploration. We dreamed of centers for creativity that were free of the fear of failure, and equitably engineered for the organic development of Latinx and Womxn of Color artists, leaders, thinkers, and makers that value social justice and equity as an urgent need. We now call Los Angeles the home of our first Regional Ensemble serving the West Coast and working intimately with our Chicago Ensemble (founded in 2000) to create social change at home and around the world.    Find out more about who we are, and how to get involved. 


Schedule of Events

Upcoming Shows & Events

We produce original performances that are developed and sometimes performed in Studio Luna and in residency at partner institutions all over the USA. THE TIMES is our newest theatrical experience and our workshop production opened November 17, 2018, running through December 16, 2018. Buy tickets now, here! The fourth episode of Talking While Female Storytelling Sessions is ODYSSEY and you can buy tickets for the December 6th event here and our special Holiday Edition Episode on December 27th here. We also have one night events dedicated to showcasing new work, work in progress, and work of members of our varied communities. Check out our schedule for free and ticketed events, and browse our upcoming performances/events below. 

Tickets Now On Sale for this new Theatrical Experience at  bit.ly/thetimes2018

Tickets Now On Sale for this new Theatrical Experience at bit.ly/thetimes2018

THE TIMES: A NEW IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE - November 17 - December 16 2018 

EPISODE 4: ODYSSEY December 6, 2018 Tickets Now  On Sale

EPISODE 4: ODYSSEY December 6, 2018 Tickets Now On Sale


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Lovesick - March 2019

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Supermujeres- Fall 2019



Retreats, Training, Master Classes 

Learning is a lifelong pursuit and we believe that everyone has something to learn and something to teach. We offer a variety of forms to grow and gain new skills from collaboration methodologies to creative renewal and leadership retreats, writing master classes, and creator and performer training. We also offer labs for directors, producers, and fellowship opportunities. 


Creative Renewal Retreats

Reinvigorate and grow with our range of targeted experiences. All of our retreats and creative renewal programs are built to ignite your creative expression and provide you with tools to activate the very baddest bad-ass you got in you’ve got in there. After 18 years of holding space for womxn to grow as humans, explore as artists, and create art for social change, we have learned a lot about how to best create spaces for personal transformation.

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Physical Conditioning 

Weekly training for the performing artist at Studio Luna. This physically rigorous, artist led 3 hour conditioning session will help you build strength, improve your response time, and enhance your coordination and ensemble skills. 

First session is free and only $5 after that. For those who can't afford it can trade volunteer hours in exchange. Session leadership changes weekly. 

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Collaborative Creation

A creators workshop and collaboration intensive offered throughout the year for artists of all levels who are seeking to expand their aesthetic vocabulary, team-building skills, and creative impulse. 

This is an application based program that requires a commitment to bring your best self and be open to a challenging shared-learning environment.

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Luna Labs

Join a cohort of artists from a variety of disciplines who want to immerse themselves in their area of interest while also working with their cohort colleagues in professional application of craft alongside Teatro Luna artists in public workshops, readings, performances, and disruptions. 

Playlab for writers, Directors Lab, and a Creative Producers Lab make their West Debut in 2019. 




Studio Luna


Welcome to our home in Los Angeles. This is our studio, our lab, our workshop space where we spend our time creating new work- things like plays, dances, solo-performances, film content, photos, a home where we host trainings and workshops, offer community services and events. We invite you to create here too.

Rentals and residencies available. Email us at info@teatroluna.org or check out our Peerspace.

Studio Luna by Teatro Luna West: a space for women of color to create without fear of failure. 

“If you wish to heal your sadness or anger, seek to heal the sadness or anger of others. They are looking to you for guidance, help, courage, strength, understanding, and for assurance. Most of all, they are looking to you for love.”
— Ana Castillo, Give It To Me